February 24, 2010

Spelling Bee Competition 2010

Students tanya aku, Miss kenapa "Spelling Bee"? kenapa "Bee"? Mengejakah lebah itu? It's a very good question actually. Ladies and gentlemen, the word 'bee' means a communal activity, it's like a get-together activity. Some says it has nothing to do with the insect, but actually those people who join the competition are seen as the 'bees'..as being busy trying to spell correctly. More detail-google! Ok so we managed to gather all the lebah-lebah to join the competition today! It was done succesfully! And looks like this was my last spelling bee competition with the lebah2.

gmba wajib. tak sempat nak buat backdrop maka tules saja

the confuse bee

seronok salah eja
winner, head of school, 1st runner up for the second year

tukang beli hadiah, tukang pangil nama students, moderator 1, moderator 2, tukang bagi hadiah

the bees:)

The finale battle were between two lebah and muadz spelt 'PANTOMIME' wrongly! P-A-N not P-H-A-N. This will be his favourite word of the year! Thanks lebah2 for joining this mini spelling bee competition. It was fun:) Ok tiba2 rasa sedih as no more for me for the next semester.


Huwaida said...

Oh, queen of the bees (bukan beast ok?) tu pun sukenye posing kat whiteboard ye??

pjOyrawks said...

hahaha!! eyh br pasan my baju kurung mcm lebah..belang2 kuning itam!

pya said...

buleh saye sunting lebah2 yg melokek kat papan puteh tu? nampk manje la..suke i..hahah

Din Khudri said...

bee tu short form for something tu