January 13, 2011

My dear Saiful Hisham,

wpon muka die sombong tapi sangat fluffeyyy!!!

terima kasih awak! suke ^_^


Alhamdulilah, skali lagi dapat celebrate birthday=) and this year, I'm TWENTY SEVEN! yes 2 and 7! among all my good friends, I'm the earliest who turns 27. Syukur sangat2 dengan apa Allah kurniakan sekarang. I have a great parents, siblings, nieces & nephews. I have awesome friends. I have a job that I like. I'm healthy though a little bit not skinny and the best thing, I have a super cool fiance/future husband =) I feel so complete now. Insyallah, I will be a wife with this age=) and yes I can't wait! I'm praying for more great future.

Ya Allah, permudahkan semua urusanku. Amin.

Oh, I love my new age!