July 12, 2009

My weekendersss.

Movies of the weekend - Ice Age 3 & Public Enemies

ksya bwak ajiq tgk! mest die ske!!

he does look old, doesn't he?

but still!! droolinggg:P~

Went to watch Public Enemies with dude @ KLCC. Johnny Depp kn, haihh...what more can I say! It was an ok movie,based on a true story. Ice Age as usual sgt sengal! Sid,Scrat, eddie&crash=hillarious! I loike!

9.45am- pick up dude
10.30am- Breakfast@KLCC
11.45am- movie in
2.00pm- movie out, straight to PWTC
2.30pm- arrived PWTC, camwhoring, get in q rehearsal for 2morow's PTPL convo

4.00pm- Done
4.30pm- Dude pick me up
4.45pm- Had our late lunch (yes damn starving!)
5.30pm- Sent dude home
5.40pm- Drove off to sg.buloh
6.15pm- Arrived
7.07pm- writing this.

Dude will b on d bus to penang tonight. Will c him again dis fri!!! GLORY2 MAN UTD! owhyeah! owhyeah!

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