July 11, 2009

Welcome Part Three (Gimme those serious books!)

My 1st week of Part Three masters went off very well. Syukor I am here to proceed for my third after been through the previous two semesters. Honestly I can't wait to finish dis once and for all! Having said this, I haven't started seriously on my thesis though. Huh, how ironic! Three new subjects for dis semester; Sociolinguistics in Multicultural Society (i like!), Psycho-sociology for Professional Practice (interesting!) and Curricular Issues In Education (hmmm..) We started with the first class for the semester with Prof. Normah (Sociolingustics) by reading the whole 1st chapter of the test book given to us on the 1st day! 1st chapter=35pages. I made it only for 3pages.hihi.. seriously, it wasn't really a good way to start off the semester. Well I love to get a new book but not really to read it on the 1st day of the class. huhu. On the second class with Prof. Zee (Curricular Issues) we need to answer some kind of warm-up "quiz" with 11 questions on a nice plain white paper to be answered in 20-30minutes. We were not really ready to answer all the questions but we tried our very best though (rite mok?) we answred question 1, 2, 3 and up to 10 and not until the 11th question which sound like this, "What influence on the field of curriculum are the reconceptualists and postmodernists having?" we were totally off! isk! but okayla... at least it helped us to cracked our head off after almost 2 months not having some serious reading! serve u right! And the third class (Psycho-sociology) was quite ok. We were having an understressed borak2 in class about psychology. Dr. Nabila sgt cool. She asked the class how well do we know bout ourself and who could really tell besides of own self? some said bestfriends, some said boyfriend or even parents. mind you, those people only tell good things about you because they dun want to hurt ur feelings (Dr. Faizah, 2009). So those people's opinions not really valid. Suprisingly she said our enemy could tell us about us. But how to approach our enemy (ies)? Those personality tests in Facebook also not valid ok! hehe. We did the Learning Style Test before ended the class and I fall into the Feelers and Doers category.

Feelers= are people oriented, expressive and focus on feelings and emotions, enjoy effective learning and gravitate toward learning experiences that explore people's attitude and emotions, appreciate to wotk in grups and like activities where they can share opinion and experiences.

Doers= Like to be actively involved in the learning process, will take charge in group activities, practice what they learn, intersted to know how they can apply what they learn in the real world, like information presented clearly and concisely and become impatient with drawn out discussions.

Hmm, somehow those descriptions are 80% true:)

Wish me luck people for this third semester. I reckon this semester will be tougher. not having a friend like previously will be difficult as well. No more discussing for test in the office, do all the assignments during office hour. isk. Mok, ko peg library ajak aku tau! isk!

I need to take a breathe. Later!

books and more books!


Anonymous said...

hehe mok..gamba buku bebanyk nie sgt scary..mcm saiko..ekekek okeyh! nanti g library sesame..aku pon kirje juge. gud luck 4 dis sem! jgn kacau dr norma ye. bia kan die ngan bahasenye sndri huahua

pjOyrawks said...

huahaha! aku xkco die mok..aku adore die! hikhik..rmmember mok, we shud make the library our 2nd home.ok, now dat's scary!!!