July 14, 2009


I'm way too tired to do all these stuffs. Trying my best not to abhor this. Few disappointments occurred lately. A 2 week assigned presentation has not been prepared (nicely) by the students, is a big disappointment. An answer such as, "owh, we forgot about that" was totally a heart wrenching. This is not a "what goes around comes around" kinda thing. I swear, never done that to any of my lecturers and will never do. I'm too tired to shout at them and do all the preaching because they never care. They are "blind". Well, is their lost.

Can I have something to appease me?

Maybe I should get a coffee.


LyD M.R said...

be patience b. i know it might sound lame and cliche, but that is the best thing to do! u can do it! go orcak and pandako!

pjOyrawks said...

I can do it but not the students:( they ignore the subjects! owh i missd little pandako and orcak!!!!