December 21, 2008

Yes is a new no!

Dude was here lastweek:) sperti biase kami telah mnonton wayang bsame2.YES MAN on saturday, HISTERIA on sunday.hehe... YESMAN is highly recommended! anda bosan? sedeyhdgn idop sndiri? this movie is for u! hehe.sgt super klaka! histeria agak scary.some scenes are quiet disturbing.mayb it is agak predictable but not dat cliche.YES MAN sgt klaka.aku ktawe mngigil2! basically dis movie taught people how to be positive but not too positive.i really like the part when jim carey was singing third eye blind's jumper to save a man from commit suicide! haha! rase nk sing a long jgk! hehe. Another part when he was forced to join the "yes program" hahaha!! hmm..aku bercte kt cni mcm smue org da tgk kn! go n watch it people!!! pls!!!! err yghisteria tu korang bley bile vcd je xpon tnggu raye thn depan..mest kua kt tv!

wish i kud see my dude again nextweek! btw kpd kawan2 yg slamt kawen lastweek-Congratulations!!

til next post!

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