December 30, 2008

ank sdare ku/kawen/pesawat

anak2 sdare aku bley dikatekan adorable tp MOST OF THE TIME they are soooooo annoying!! tatkala ini dieorg tgh melompat2 atas katel aku sambil nyanyi PCD when i grow up.sesuai kan? cpatla korang besar! owh btw dieorg sgt adore PCD.isk.i shud play more nasyid after dis.

(slpas belasah my nieces n nephew)

last sat peg tgk aie kawen.xdpt peg kedah so mestla kne peg wedding kt wassss beautiful! we really adore the kemah, the color..smbil berangan.... halt! our turn is loong way to go! huhu.. owh yes and the little purse (no more bunge telor eyh these days). To aie, congratulations, wish u both all the love, hope and happiness your hearts can hold;)

klas master will start... tomorow! (which is today if you read dis on the 31st and yesterday if u ready dis on the 1st jan) anxiously waiting for a whole new 2nd semester.need to gear up my life's pace which WILL BE tedious yet ke? fun fun funny fun fun!

Been listening this song continuously @ fly and had fall continuously in love with it.aku suke.korang suke?


will write in a jiffy;)

p/s: if u have ur own band, what is the name of ur band will be? someone told me dat if i want to put my own name "NORHAFIZAH" it will be most suitable for a pasukan "caklempong". classic? i wonder what kind of music the caklempong is actually! hahaha. btw thanks dude, love u!

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