December 14, 2008

PTPL & MSU Annual Dinner

The place is beautiful, the food is sooooooooooooooo unbelievable delicious (yes, we are so unbelievable hungry!), the doorgift is boring (an organizer), the color is tooo bright and bold (glam orange was the theme), faizal tahir sang with style and Camelia was stunning!, the whole dinner was great only one thing that made me sad (meaning i'm no longer feel sad about it). First, the pix from the amature photographer's lenses.

mereke smueeee saiko!

i left early.half an hour dad picked me up,said it was already 12am so I had to was about 5mins later when i received an sms saying: "pjoy ko da blk ke? name ko mnang luckdraw a vacation to hatyai for two!" Sadly the prize was no longer mine because i was not there.i was there but not at the moment they announced the prize. The moral of the story, stay until the event really ends especially the event with a luckydraw and the prize is a vacation to somewhere which kud be better than just hatyai.

i had my lesson. It was just hatyai. No big deal.

I'm done.

happy weekdays everyone!

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