December 15, 2008

nana tagged me.I was tagged by nana.

1) do you think you're hot?
i dun think so but my frens do.huhu

2) upload your favourite picture of you

pic #1: nieces

pic #2: kawan2 saye

3) why do you like that picture?
pic #1: they are my favourite nieces.i can yell, mad at them and i can laugh and dance with them!
pic #2: dat pict was taken 4 years ago.we were 20 and skinny! yes i do look skinny! and many ppl taught dat it was taken somewhere in UK! haha!

4) when was the last time you ate pizza?
last month bersame dude sy!

5) the last song you listened to?
hate dis part-PCD and a little bit of miss indpendent-neyo

6) what are you doing right now besides this?
tunggu ibuabah nk mnom ptg bersame2:)

7) what name would you prefer besides yours?

people i tag
1 ; ira
2 ; wawa
3 ; lydia
4 ; banie
5 ; et
6 ; pya

8) who is number 1?
my bestfwen.feel awkward to call her real name.same as her.we had lots lots and lots of history together.we laughed,cried together,cursed and kicked each other.loved and hated our friendship but now i find that she's still my fav fwen when i have sumthing to turn to.indeed she's a different person now.

9) number 3 is having a relationship with?
hot guy! hehe...aku gtau eyh lydia???? :P

10) say something about number 5?
she's my bestfwen back then when I was in form1&2...she's little 11years ago but has turned to not so little anymore rite now:P hehe... she's in Dublin working there and i hate her for dat.still love u dear!

11) how about number 4?
she liked to ask me to draw sumthing for her.a very good fwen.loves to smile A LOT!

12) who is number 2?
a kewl fwen of mine.die ade myvi baru.die suda kuros and sy amazed! lame da xjumpe ko wa!

13) finally, tell about number 6.
my ex-roomate,ex-classmate and my opismate.may dis be a good starting for her to blog!

14) and nana is my clumsiest fwen, very kind-hearted and love to laugh a lot,she's my mama rangga and she could memorize any lines in any teen flicks! fungus????

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