December 6, 2010

What makes a wedding beautiful?

What makes a wedding beautiful? Not really the flowers, doesn't matter whether it is fresh or not. Not really the dress, doesn't matter if it's tailored, custom made or not. Not really the color, doesn't matter between soft sweet color and bright vibrant ones. Not really the dais, doesn't matter if it's done by Nas Great Idea or 'Your Great Idea.' What makes a wedding beautiful for me, is the smile, that sincere smile from both bride and groom, how they really look at each other, how the laugh and share the moment with the whole family members and friends and how the wedding makes everybody feels overwhelmed.

Will I have that beautiful kinda wedding? Insyallah=)

4months to go, can't wait to be yours. Really am.


AQMAR said...

congrats in advance mrs tamok..kahkah

m a r i s s a said...

majlis akan lebih cantik bile sume org berdoa meraikan kebahagiaan ko, mengaminkan doa yg dibace, ucapan2 tahniah dan doa2 yg mereka2 bisikkan.. n the fact that lps je akad, setiap perkara yg ko buat for each other adelah pahale... walaupon dgn senyum kat tamok... indah kan?

pjOyrawks said...

kemar: owh u too mrs.kyo! hehe
nana: =)))) true indeed! cant wait for that!