June 15, 2010

Syukur Untuk Hari Ini

I didn't know what it happened. All I know, I was being told by the faculty, I was already late for the submission of my thesis. Late? How's that possible when I did submit on time - 30 mac 2010? My supervisor only told me last 3weeks which was in May to hand in my thesis to the faculty (which I should do this on the 30th Mac). I was in complete disbelief. Mad, confused, sad, confused, confused. How did this happen? I need to have my convo on the oct/nov THIS YEAR! If faculty do not accept my thesis and state TL (tidak lengkap) fot my thesis's status meaning I have to attend the MAY 2011 convo! I need the scroll this year as UiTM Penang offer me a post which is valid until Dec 2010. Meaning if I have to attend the convo next year, I will be a married woman meaning I have already had my wedding and I will only get the job after I got married, so I cannot have my own saving with my own salary for my own wedding. Can you see how the status of the thesis will affect the whole thing? Called my supervisor and she promised she'll figure out something. *sigh*


Today I received a great news! I did pass! They accepted the grade and stated in the slip!!

(print screen gagal, tak bleh nak letak result kat sini) huhu.


It's time to shop for convo kebaya y'all! woohoo!!


[et] said...

wuhuuuuu!congrats again :)
eh convo taleh pakai suit ke?heee.

eh u going to work in penang? oh after kawen nk duduk penang ke? mkn best! ok nnt blh visit kt penang.ngeh ngeh ngeh.

pjOyrawks said...

tq et dear!! pkai suit? takmo la..tak traditional..hehehh. insyallah i'll b in penang after this..jom kte jln2 mkn2 tp kalu kte gmok dun start complaining k? hehe