June 19, 2010

Save The Date.

LDR sucks but LDD can be easy sometimes. LDR? sucks all the time. LDD is for long distance discussion (do not google) is what we have to do so far. We have discussed on the date, for both parties and luckily Ibu Abah agreed easily (phew). Decided not to do it on the school holidays hopefully will make the ceremony run smoothly. So date, done. Color? Theme? The most difficult things to decide yet the most exciting things to argue about. Ibu Abah suddenly blurted out YELLOW and GOLD. Aiseyhh, boleh ke? huhu. I dun think I have the chemistry with yellow or gold la. Is not there. I dun think they like me either. I like white, a very classic white (as refer to what ET said). Let everything else be in whatever colors they want to be but for us, just white (senyum pandang atas secara perlahan2). Another thing, as for pelamin I would prefer to sewa in another words, ask a pakar to do it but Ibu would rather prefer to DIY. OK, I get it, boleh, we can DIO (do-it-ourselves) but I'm a bit uncertain on the total outcome of the pelamin. We'll see la ye Ibu...Yes, Ibu da mula concern itu ini and I found it, very sweet! hihi!

I need to sleep. Gudnyte Dude.


ina said...

ko rasa pe aku rase dulu
cm nk kawen blk lak

pjOyrawks said...

wawawa.. aku rase aku rase..kdg2 excited kdg2 tensen sbb byk kepale, mcm2 bg idea kang nk buatnye tade.isk! jom2 kawen blk!