April 10, 2010


Finally, me decided to buy maxis broadband. Puas ati aku! walapon kene keluar duet sikit tapi hati aku puas! Thank you so much streamyx for your hedious service. 10 days, 5 reports tak boleh pakai jugak internet. So far broadband maxis ni ok, pantas (sambil menjeling modem streamyx). Owh banyaknya nak update. Ehem2, as everyone knows I am no longer in PTPL to give my insincere service, it has been a week and I do enjoy my time being an unemployed person (lie). Btw Thank you so much korang2 kat ofis for the celebration yang mengalu-alukan permergian aku ngan ina.

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I will attend an interview on tuesday nun jauh di utara, pray for me my friends, doa ade rezeki aku kat sana, honestly I can't wait tapi xnak excited sangat.huhu.

~and it's quite alright, and so long goodbye, just look up to the stars and believe who you are cause it's quite alright, and so long goodbye~

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