March 1, 2010

Writing resume.

Just finished polishing my old resume. It is old. Three years back. I lost the soft copy, couldn't find it anywhere, luckily dude has it! Thanks my dear dude:) Looking at the old resume makes me feel (1) old, (2) fat, (3) amazed, (4) mature. Just look at these selected particulars that are no longer valid.

2003 (back then)

Age: 23
Weight: 53KG
Telephone No.: 012-2486353 (masa ni pakai top-up, ni tade tules dlm resume laa)
Email Address:

2010 (currently)

Age: 26 (obviously I'm getting older)
Weight: 58KG (not so surprisingly I added another 5kilos! so in 2013 I'll be 63kilos???)
Telephone No.: 019-***6353 (da pakai bill sekarang ok. Notice the same last four digits)
Email Address:

The best part is the email add, see how I've changed from the childish email add to the more mature one! hehehe! dulu nak buat email address pun nak consider artis kegemaran. That is so primary school! Yes now I'm proud that I can stand on my own, using my very own, orginal name which sounds more professional. But I still love Avril though. Huhu. Oh, 1 more thing is the picture. Back in 2003 I just cropped an informal picture of mine, so not professional and I can't believe I actually did that! but now I'm considering a very decent, professional picture which will be taken tomorrow! This reminds me of one of the interviewers from MMU said to me, "You are saying that you are professional and bla bla bla but you were sending us a picture of you posing informally (?)" and I did reply, "well I'm trying to show that I am professional yet approachable and friendly (big grin). Mind you, I did get the job. Heeeeee!!

Btw, I'm praying hard I will get this job, not just the job but that particular place. Details later. I'm so ready to live there, got blessing from Ibu Abah, which is VERY VERY important. So peeps, please do pray for me. Amin.

Thank you.


Din Khudri said...

amin.. saya nak gak..dah kirim salam dak kat abah tu?

Huwaida said...

Good luck pjoy!! eh, ehh..cik norhafizah (more professional kan?)
I'll pray fer u insyaallah....

pya said...

saye doakn mok.. ^_^ tp nanti, dh jaoh,susahla kite nk jumpe kn..hehe xbiase la jauh ngn u ekekeke

jeep said...

goodluck miss norhafizah! hehee

pjOyrawks said...

@ustazdin: ye, w'salam
@kakY: haha..terima kasih huwaida:)
@pya: timekaseh mok..i pon xbiase.isk2..xpe nnt u dtg sane ek.. (haha, ni konfiden da dpt ke ape ni?)
@jeep: TQ!!!!! wan razifah!! hehe

jeep said...


name aku wan rajifah



pjOyrawks said...

tapi RAZIFAH sounds more professional (mode malu) hehehe.. maap WAN RAJIFAH! :P

ieratya said...

pjoy kemanakah after this?

pjOyrawks said...

hoping somewhere in utara. kalu ade rezeki kt sane, insyallah:)