February 2, 2010


I'm so happy today:) Not because I win some money or I got gotchd by Ean and JJ....it's the KRU songs!!!! I got all the songs from INA si opismate. Thanks Ina!! You make my day:) I was a very BIG fan of them! I can rap to all their songs, I can memorize every single word, sentence, the "hmm", the "huuuuu..huuuu..", the "uh-ha", "yeahhh..." you name it! I once had all their album, canggih (1992), reKRUed (1993, MY FAVOURITE), AWAS (1994), AWAS da soundtrack (1995, MY FAVOURITE), Oh La La (1997), KRUmania, (1997), The Way We Jam (1998), right after that album, KRU was no longer in my fav local artise's list. Dunno why. Back then I had this file full of their pics, to be precise, yusry's pics! hahahaha!! kelaka2!! I had various size of posters of him in my closet, from the feet up to the ceiling! (mase tu rasa kewl sangat suke KRU). Hey I still adore them but not to say fanatic la. Kudos to their very reowned music.

My very favourite KRU's songs:

1. Mengerti (krumania) - SGT SUKA!
2. Apa Saja (krumania)
3. Freaky G (krumania)
4. Fobia (krumania)
5. Di Dalam Dilema (krumania)
6. "2" (krumania)
7. Malam kita (krumania)
8. Salah siapa (awas soundtrack)
9. Aneh (awas saoundtrack)
10. Kehilanganmu (awas soundtrack)
11. Balada Hati (Oh la la)
12. Persetankannya (Oh la la)
13. Ulangkan sekali lagi (Oh la la)


look at how the start the album by the noun CANGGIH to KRUnisme. Masa tu perkataan 'canggih' memang canggih habis. hehehe..

haha, those days

GTG, nak smbong dengar Fanatik!

p/s: Suka KRU tak bermakna aku suka ADAM ataupun DAFI BAIK PUNYEEEE...


[et] said...

ah.i remember that phase.
hands down, u were the most fanatics krumania i ever met (girls category ah..haha, i just found a guy just like u, memorized every oohh's n aaaah's of the song)

oh btw, good luck with de-cluttering! ;)

pjOyrawks said...

haha.thanks babe! owhyes! u were there!! hahaha..I played KRU everyday after the morning jogging! kan? kan? hahaha! sian korang pon tpakse dgr..hehehe