January 31, 2010

I can do this!

I think I know what makes me feel REALLY lazy, not in the mood to do my assignments, falling asleep after my first sentence for my letreature review or even holding a meant to be read article with one hand and clicking options in facebook another hand, it's my room! I have pretty messy room, honestly I haven't wipe that dust out from my table since..err..since.. u guess! Bukan malas, I don't have that much time to clean up everything (lie). I do all the basic routine la kn..kemas katil, sweep the floor, kemas katil, sweep the floor, sweep again and kemas katil. Looking at all my stuff, I just realize I keep bringing more things in my room, baju, unnecessary dustbin (too fancy to put trash), piles of papers, tons of bags! Well this is going to be my next mission for nextweek - I'm thinking to declutter everything! Friday night will be it! hmmm!

Owh sedikit gmba ayun'w wedding yesterday:
my bodyguards:)

mkn2 jgn peduli org len


gmba pngantinnye..heee

lagi sape kawen meh jmpot aku, pasti aku pegi:)

1 comment:

RiNaHasRiNa said...

Hye Pjoy..
Lame sgt tak jumpe ko..hehe..
aku pun g wedd ayun..dgn norziah..
tak nampak pun..tkde rezeki nak jumpe kot.hehehe..see u next time k!insyaAllah