October 3, 2009

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As I was flipped through Cleo mag i've found dis awesome website. It's about Polaroid picture. I got a crush with Polaroid camera for a very long time actually. Trying to get dis through mr.dude (ngehehe!). This kewl software allow us to convert our normal boring picture to polaroid-like picture. What makes it even kewler is how the "camera" process the picture and we have to shake the picture by shaking our mouse! I loike! I loike! and the result-awesome! Check dis out!

from this...

and this...
to this!!

my fav polaroid:)

I'm so in love with this thing! it makes me feel happy! u shud try urself! go n dload the polaroid image maker!

ENJOY!! shake it like a polaroid picture! heyya:)


pya said...

kewlll..nk gak camera polaroid..kecek2 dlu penah beli yg mainan punye.dpt yg mainan pon dh rse mcm best..kalo dpt yg btol2nye mok, sume bende aku tngkap gambo hehe

pjOyrawks said...

ape kate bday aku mok bg camera polaroid! sumpah thn dpannye aku xmntak pape da! hihihihih