March 24, 2009

pretty kettle of fish

It's tuesday and i'm bored doing nothing. Ironically, I have tons of assignments that anyone could shake a stick at! All the assignments will be due nextweek and still...i'm doing nothing. Spent the last 2weeks doing nothing. I've lost the momentum of doing all the assignments by doing..nothing. Going to the office, switch on my lappy and starring blankly till i feel hungry, go n get something to eat (favourite part of the days) and go back to office and sleep! wake up and feel thousands of regrets for falling asleep and start "anyam ketupat" dgn opismate, ketawe2 and also berbalas lawak and then... 5pm!! It's time to go home! SEE! it's not normal to have a life like dat. I should be busy and not being busy as I supposed to makes me feel awkward. berdosakah aku? I should finish all the works in a pinch!

Everything is just rosy. Rosy wosy dosy.

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