March 22, 2009

and that's why I love him~ (mushy, i know!)

The nite before he was here, we quarreled. I knew he wasn't at his home when he told me he was. I can tell he was somewhere else that he didn't want me to know. I was pissed off. Why did he lie to me? Where did he go?

The next day I woke up feeling so sad and mad. Supposedly I should be happy because we already plan to meet tomorrow but after what happened last night, I chose to feel sad and mad. I chose a brown baju kurung, looking gloomy as to suit the mood I supposed. While preparing a jug of hot tea for breakfast I knocked the jug down and the hot tea spilled onto my baju kurung! All wet from hip to down and not even bother to change it. Being nagged by my mom and without saying a word, picked up my things, salam my parents and drove off to the office numbly, all songs played on the radio sounded crap to me that I chose to turn it off. While driving I felt like hitting all the cars in front of me, knocking the traffic light down and hitting the toll gate! Feeling even sad when he didnt call me this morning like all the previous mornings. Mad. Sad. Sadder.

Arrived at the carpark, my phone was ringing (I know it was him) but chose not to take it first, I waited till I reached the office and at the same time a car right behind me honk for few times. WTH! I ignored whoever it is. Not in the mood to talk to anybody. Reached my table and the phone keep ringing and I picked it up and there was a very familiar voice: "Nape xpndang, org ade kt blakang"

The dude was in the car, meaning he was here 1 day earlier! and last night he wasnt at home bcause he was in the bus heading here and he wouldn't want to tell me. Haihh... I felt so angrily excited!!gmba berangan kami.hikhik

Well, he went back home yesterday. Here I am feeling sad again.
LDR sucks:(

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