January 26, 2009

The verb.

I've told me, i hate reading (so much).
I've told me, i have to read even though i hate the verb.
I've told me, it's not dat bad after all... this reading thingy.
I've told me, it's just a 22 page.
I've told me, it's way to many!
I've told me, read it bcos u have to not bcos u want to then.
I've told me, should i force myself?
I've told me, it may sounds insincere
I've told me, well u'll never do it sincerely pon kn..so? force urself!
I've told me, i wanna do something else.
I've told me, i should do it bcos it makes me happier
I've told me, i love colors better than words
I've told me, i love circle and triangles better than squares and lines
I've told me, i love Abstragogy better than Andragogy
I've told me, i could love both
I've told me i should just love both.

Now, I can breathe a sigh of relief.


LyD M.R said...

who says that literature is tuff?! anyone can write right! its only the matter of expressing ur feeling! a gud attempt b! thoughtful! lyke it. keep it up!

pjOyrawks said...

bkobar2 i cmni! gtg! need to write more poems! huahahha! btw thx beepsy;)

irArOx said...

i've told u, that many things are out there for u.
i've told u, that most of the many things might hurt u.
i've told u, what the heck..just go ahead n try.
i've told u, dun make me say i've told u,
n dont ever cry.

lit sux. big time! but u made ur way thru it! goody good morky!

pjOyrawks said...

i've told me not to cry:)

et said...

it's all in the mind huh?

i've told me, i hate working with numbers.but i'm an accountant still.

and i refuse to love it.how? :p
matter of time, kot.

all the best with ur reading :)