August 1, 2012

First online baby stuffs!

The things ive ordered are here!!! beli Mothercare baby carrier from FB online shop-xingt name.pastu beli set mitten socks n rattle set from super seronok dpt bgkosan mcmni! hehe!! tp ade sdikit kekecewaan:( the baby carrier is set mitten socks dgn rattle tu mcm lain dr gmba from the website. set beanie hat, mitten dgn socks stripy tu rupenye kaler pink purple! dlm gmba mcm blue n pink! pastu lamaze rattle set dlm gamba ade stripes bile dpt plain color:( cube compare dgn gmba i posted entry bwh ni... so i did email them back complaint sket so dieorg mntak maaf and promise to b more cautious next time.sbb dieorg xletak nama kaler kt website just gmba so mcm confusing sket.haih.. but its not dat bad..mmg bley pkai tp not as i expected. so the journey of online purchasing will still continue! hahaha! skrg ni dlm mission nk mndapatkan carter's mitten yg super cute.sbb outstock aku pksa org kdai tu restock n they promise to bring tomorrow kt menara TM.sis in law working there so die tlg belikan! heeee! ok sekian.. oh!! esok blk sg buloh!! weeeehooo!!

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