January 17, 2012

Eh, 2012!

This is my very first entry for 2012! So what's new for the new year?

1. Got to celebrate new year with family in sg buloh.
2. my 1/1/2012 went to IKEA with husband and bought my fav stuffs!
3. Begin the new week of class healthily as I was so damn sick of high fever and other things.
4. No, am not pregnant yet.
5. Celebrated my birthday on 14/1 with a husband by my side for the first time:)
6. got a cool present from him plus we went to Zoo Taiping! hahahaha!!

2011 was really something for me. I got married last April, live together with my dearest man;) and i can feel dat since i get married, my bond with my family is now even stronger:)

Sadly, on 16/12/2011, husband's dearest aunty passed away.She lost her battle to 3rd stage breast cancer. She was a strong woman but to witness her everyday, fighting with cancer was not easy at all. We miss you, aunty. We really do. Al-Fatihah.

I pray for better living, better health, better in many ways to face the future. I wanna get pregnant asap. I wanna give mak (mil) her first cucu. Ya Allah, makbulkan segala doa2 ku Ya Allah.


So 2012, BRING IT ON!

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