October 18, 2011

It is here.

Lepas 3hari lewat, finally aunt flo is here.Mcm da dijangka, sy tau mmg akan period tp lmbt sket bln ni.ye sy xpenah lewat seingat sy.so sy pon rase ok jela.. ttbe Dude called bgtau blk arini (isnin) die slalu blk selasa.sy amatla gmbire! smbil lepak2 tgk tv sy bgtau sy da period.pastu tgk tv lagi, borak2 ketawa bahak2 pastu ttbe sy rase hiba sgt.Masyallah perasaan sedih tu sy tahan smpai saket dada.tau2 je mengalir da air mata.sorok dr husband.tp lepas die dtg dkat perasan sy lain mcm, habis bjurai2 da xbley tahan.tidakla tiap2 kali period mcmni tp ntahla, da 6bln kawen kot.die mcm ada mase2 tetentu.kang da 1year kawen lain plak cara handle nye. For now i just feel so lucky to have such an awesome husband. He knows how to calm me down.without fail.

I embrace this experience of trying to conceive as positive as i can. All I know for now is I have a great husband by my side, great parents n siblings and hey I have 7nieces and 3 nephews who love me dearly. i need to be strong.this only 6months of marriage, more more years to come Insyallah.

probably what makes the tension bcos at the same time i'm trying to lose weight.da berumur ni berat lmbt trn wpon tegok air je.agak stress di situ.aerobic bagai nak gila bpeloh dlm 3weeks aku trn 0.7kg je.. and the period pain i have this time sgt saket:( and husband is not here.

ok nnt sedih lg. good news on nov please.


Anonymous said...

i feel u babe. i felt d same too. we started trying this year april and yes, still no luck on our side yet. insyaAllah soon. but i believe Allah knows best. and for now, i guess Allah wants us to enjoy our life with dear husband before embarking into the new journey. keep praying :)

Yaya said...

dont give up! there are times that u wud feel so down but trust me,it will make u even stronger. :))

pjOyrawks said...

anonymous: thank awak:) yes mayb u r right.kte je nk cpat tp Allah lg tau ape yg plg baik utk kte.goodluck for us!

yaya: thanks awk jgk:) yes i believe so. insyallah rezeki ade cume blm tibe:)