August 2, 2011


YES! I got to see Incubus! I got to meet Brandon Boyd! he's just a few steps away from me! hee! Thanks to husband;) That was my first time ever going to a rock concert and it was massive! Everybody was like insane!! pushing and jumping to the fast beat songs is a must! it's like if u don't jump while everybody else is jumping than u might be drowning into the sea of people! Luckily we are not tiny small people. phew! Brandon is skinny as always. Inziger boncit and looks old. but Jose is cute! hehe! They played from the old old songs as well as from their latest album-if not now then when? exactly! it's like my slogan going to the concert laa. hehehe! Yes I missed their concert 5 years ago(kalu tak silap) so tanak miss this time concert! Their live performance was wicked! I instantly fall in love with their new songs. But Brandon agak cool for not talking too much on the stage. the only phrase he kept saying was "thank you boys and girls!" oh i miss him! huhu! gamba takdela.. susah nak upload kt opis ni.

Ohyeah, happy fasting everyone! It's my 2nd year in penang and 1st year having a husband to break the fast and bgn sahor sama2:) can't wait to buy lots of baju raya yg sama tema kaler! hahaha! ok blog will be updated not too soon. not until i get myself a new lappy. isk! later!

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Anonymous said...

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