March 30, 2011

Pre-wedding Photo - Save The Date ^_^

this is my favourite^_^

Thanks to: Isma + Fared (tabibfoto.blogspot)
Venue: Mengkuan Dam, Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Subject: Me + Dude + cards + other props
Props by: me=)
Edited by: me=)
We didn't have much time to take picture. However these are all what we managed to get and I'm so satisfied with the whole thing. Thank you isma+fared for the chance to capture all these. The video is now in my FB wall=)

I feel so freaking happy to get the chance to do this! Will consider post-wedding with them.
Something to reminisce when we get older =)

Oh yes, I love you Mr. Saiful

So friends, save the date ye?


LittleSunshine said...

awak..cantik props tu..comel..picca pun sgt sweet..manis berbaju kurung =)

pjOyrawks said...

hi there little sunshine! oh terima kaseh:)

Adawiyah A.Halim said...

comelll =)