March 15, 2011

Posto! Posto!

Hah! Lama tak dapat mail mcm ni. Last surat dpt surat dari UiTM. hehh! Sangatla amat gembira! and this is my very first time shopping online. Teruja okayyy. I got a delivery from syahadah (yes click on!) pkai alamat uitm. gile tak cool.


cute packaging!

the button badge! super comel! thanks sya!
amal & ira, cant wait to give u guys this!

and another items are some kind of postcard. to complete my DIY thingy
Oh I'm just super happy

If you guys are interested to make one of this and more, go to her blog and place your order! It's so worth it! murah sgt!

*sambong online shopping*


Adawiyah A.Halim said...

mmg nak order pun..tggu ms jer ni..hahaha..

m a r i s s a said...


pjOyrawks said...

dekat "her blog" tu

Anonymous said...

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