March 20, 2011

The Best Teacher.

I've got to contact my favourite primary school English teacher! She's in Penang. Well she is from Penang. (according to the address-she's staying nearby dude's house). She's inspired me to be who I am today - a lecturer. An English lecturer. She was at her best in teaching, I bet she still is. I felt in love with English and teaching since she taught me back in 1994. Still remember went to her house with other friends every evening to learn English better. What I like about her teaching is she instilled FUN in every lesson. Every exercise comes with games and prizes. She is also the one who taught me the cursive handwriting that I influence my handwriting now. She always wrote some remark on my exercise book - motivation sayings etc. And yes I still keep the book until now. Every page reminds me those days how I was falling in love with English. and to my every interview I had attended I mentioned about her as my inspiration-without fail. She also trained me to be a good storyteller. I participated in many storytelling competitions back then. and that also a very good practice for me to be better in learning English. Too bad I don't have a picture of her. Dear Miss Selina, you are the best teacher indeed and thanks for inspiring me to become one.

"Yes 17 years. I know hv grown with the years. Just you keeping in touch all these years is the best gift 4 this teacher. Love you dear. Wouldn't b who I am without you. teaching about sharing knowledge and learning from one another. Glad inspired u. may u inspire sum1 too:) "

She texted me just now:)
I believe this is the best part becoming a teacher.

spot me!

don't spot me!

and yes, Miss Selina will be coming to my wed in Penang! Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

i'm a bit c0nfused right n0w..
u'r an english lecturer, right???
that means that y0ur english are suppose t0 be like 'WOW', right???
but it's n0t, n0t at all...
'i felt in love with english'???
it's n0t 'felt', it's 'fell'...
this kind of stupid mistake..
is so0o0 embarrassing..
are you really an ENGLISH LECTURER???