December 26, 2010


Honestly I never had one before. Never seriously bother to have one. But this time, after what I have been through plus the thing I want to get through this coming April *wink*, I decide to have my new year resolutions. Insyallah, 2011 will be a different year for me, different than the past 26 years. Insyallah I will be a wife to my dearest Saiful. So here are my resolutions and I will do this, dengan izin Allah.

1. On serious diet - will NOT eat fastfood, oily creamy cheesy fluffy cheesy creamy oily creamy...
2. Work seriously+honestly+enthusiastically
3. Be organized, really well organized
4. Drink lots and lots of plain water5. Baca Quran more often
6. Sembahyang sunat
7. Turun berat badan <60
8. Jangan marah2
9. Taknak buruk sangka dengan orang
10. Be a better person altogether.

=)credit: ira

Sgt syg org duduk sebelah saya tu.

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