November 16, 2010


Nampak tak aku slalu post entry. Suke la hatiku! huhu! At this moment aku sgt2 la amat nak shopping like crazzzzy!!! aku nk brabes duit 500 - 1K in a day, just to shop anything and everything! it's like, whatever is beautiful, supercool and gorgeous, I'll grab without looking at the price tag! kalu cmtu mau dekat 5k aku blanje! But seriously, sumpah nk shooping smpai muntah! The feeling of carrying those paperbags is so speechless! I love paperbag! mcm busy2 pegang byk2 while rummaging other things to add in the cart! Owh what a feeling! Then bile drive blk rumah, dlm kete bukak brg2 yg beli tadi smbil drooling... aaahh perfect, owhyes pretty! :P then smpai rumah bukak satu2 smue brg then try all those clothes, shoes etc. then the next morning try lagi smue brg! gaaaaaa!! when can I have that moment again? and I promise I will drag Dude along, and buy him that perfect shoes he wanted so bad and nodding to all my chosen stuffs! and yes to dear friends, I will treat you guys anything that u want! and buy u guys a stuff, any stuffs! Oh, I cant wait!


photo: justsuper

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