June 21, 2010


Suddenly I got this inspiration to.. ok let me give some intro here. Ibu insists to DIY pelamin but I strictly oppose the idea. Reason(s)? DIY needs a great idea, a very strong kind of idea, less money but extremely more efforts. No doubt. Ibu has the point. Being the stubborn me, I don't mind to splurge some moolah to get the brilliant results. Meaning hire a pro to do the thing. But. Suddenly I got this inspiration to do a garden theme kinda wedding. Why? Since Ibu loves to DIY everything plus she and Abah are so into gardening, pokok here and there so to DIY suddenly becomes a great idea! Yes twice the suddenly, I know. Grabbed my book and started to sketch here and there. Haha, macam wedding planner tau! Ape ko ingat ko pro nak skecth2??? DIY ok? mesti kene poyo2 sketch!

Jangan poyo sangat. Pegi kursus kawin pon belom!! Opps!

p/s: Ok Ibu. Let's DIY!! Woohoo!

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