June 13, 2010

My engagement II


Suap gula =)

Future Mother in law

One of the hantaran

Pardon my enormous fingers and the obvious veins

My favorite thing

they make the picture perfect.

I heart this. (credit to ashraff)

Those who helped
Future family.

We are family! Love of my life.


[et] said...

nice ring pjoy! n loving the pictures!

m a r i s s a said...

waaa... kamu sgt cantek.... aku dh blh imagine seri pengantin ko mcm mane nnt... btw, so happy for both of y'all... syg awak.... nnt kem salam family

btw, bile kawen nye? jgn lupe jempot... bgtau awal, cuz i dont wanna miss ur wedding

pjOyrawks said...

tq diana..me lg happy for u!! u look gile gojes! i'll make sure u'll come! nextyear feb @ mac

pjOyrawks said...

ET!! i know u will.hehe..tq:)