June 25, 2010


Thinking and discussing about wedding can be very stressful (duh). I know married people may say, there are more to come! The fact that we want this but they want that is killing me right now. Yes we got 8 months to do everything, it's not a year. may sound like a long way to go but I do like to start early as I am a very fussy person when it comes to decoration and all, in another words, I AM EXCITED ABOUT IT! and I want to be happily excited not stressful excited. But to be happy sometimes when need to add a little bit stress.

Enough for today.


[et] said...

some people actually start their wedding plan 2 years before the day! 8 months r considered okay i guess (or some may say late as well!).

hey, u know urself.hv fun while u at it..and remember it is UR big day.of course lah kena satisfy org lain rite..but dont stress out too much.
(ok ckp mcm ada experience..haha, well fr what i heard :P)

happy planning! :)

pjOyrawks said...

Owhhh thanks ET!! :) I'll rmmber that, have fun while I'm at it:) *hugs*