May 26, 2010

The feeling of the day. (or it could be month)

To tell the truth, I miss to teach. Miss to be greeted by the students, miss to laugh with them in the classroom, miss to scold them, miss to shout at them, miss to preach them, miss to listen to them, miss to prepare out-of-syllabus lesson for them, miss to crack stupid clever joke with them, miss to make them really listen to me, miss to watch how they get SO DAMN nervous when it comes to presentation, miss to observe what kind of lame excuses they will make if they didn't prepare for that presentation, miss to make them see how stupid they are for making such lame excuses, miss to make them feel how English is so interesting to learn, miss to 'open' their eyes and make them see what is really there outside, miss to watch how do they really want to learn English, miss to give my very best as an educator. Some of the students are really an eye-opener for me. They gave me an inspiration to be a better person and a better teacher.

I miss my former job. Hate to admit this but, I miss to teach PTPL students.

I wanna wake up early morning, squatting and wondering what to wear for the day. I want that feeling back!

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