March 6, 2010

Tak berapa suka la.

Aku sedang key-in data dalam SPSS, smbil key-in sambil pikir. Banyak da key-in banyak lagi aku pikir. Tak pikir pon apa result data aku ni. Aku pikir pasal apa sebenarnya yang aku suka buat. Yang betol2 buat aku committed dengan perkara itu. sudah tentu bukan key-in data dalam SPSS-tiring. Mengajar? sedikit passion di situ tapi tak dalam sebenarnya. Aku nak jadi arkitek dulu sebab aku suka nak lukis tapi bila tau jadi arkitek memerlukan ketepatan dan melukis menggunakan pembaris, aku da tanak jadi arkitek. Aku nak lukis aku nak bebas. Bila lukis takkan ada salah, orang boleh komen tapi takkan ada yang salah. Orang tengok orang terima atau tak. Dan kalau ada yang komen, aku pon buleh pilih nak terima atau tak. Aku punya suka la. Aku nak buat benda aku sendiri, nak seronok tanpa kena paksa. Tapi tau belum boleh lagi. Aku benci buku. Aku benci benda formal. Aku benci accuracy. Aku benci benda serius. Aku benci format. Aku benci baca orang lain punya research. Paham tak apa yang aku benci sekarang. That little incident makes me think. It's a lesson for me not to be something like that. Haih, susahla nak cakap sini. Tak berapa nak keluar. For now, I just want to get it done.

Pyamok, I'm feeling you. Can I join the club?


pya said...

mok..meh la join sye..but, bet's not gonna be a gud feeling all the way..till we get the 'happy' feeling we want..the journey seems too long to tolerate..i just wnt to finish off and start drawing!

pjOyrawks said...

u r absolutely right!! honestly i feel so damn f*ucking frustrating. we will dfntly celebrate dis once we finish all of these things!

[et] said...

first, can I joint the club as well? (mcm best je ade club..haha)ok serious.i got the same feeling as well! only I'm an accountant and just finished all my qualifying exams and currently at loss of what I wanna do.
i know it is definitely not accounting (i.e my current career which is pretty great prospect at the moment only I hv no interest with it at all)
tau kan feeling pagi2 kene paksa diri bgn dan melangkah pegi keje?tk best kan hidup begini? wait, seblom tertulis entry blog juga disini (LOL) what i'm trying to say is, saya pun TAK BERAPA SUKA LA.let me know if u have any idea how to deal with it eh?

anyway, i just read ur blog after so with work and whatnot.
so i just read ur 'pardon me' entry, and ingin memberi recommendation.teeheee.
i'm not sure if you already found this blog tp ianya very helpful for bride-to-be :

a wedding blogger and she got all the links and checklist and every little details in her blog about wedding check it out ok.very handy.all the best pjoy :)

pjOyrawks said...

et: awwwhhh!! dat is very suweeet of u! thanks a lot dear:) sure will be very helpful! btw i do agree we should come out with our very own club! lets list down what we are actually really into, mayb we can make a business out of it, who know rite? u know i like to scribble, art, colorful thing... just so u know last nite my bestfriend called me talking about the same thing! so tell me urs eyh!