March 10, 2010

Something to share.

I feel totally relieved now. Even though not sure bout the marks but still, I feel like flying. I was feeling down few days back for being accused as a criminal. The most disappointed part was, accused for something that I didn't do. I was caught plagiarism, which is NOT true AT ALL. Plagiarism means you copy/use other people's work without crediting the source. In another word you steal someone else's work! Writing people are concerned about this and we are very aware of this matter and will definitely not to be that kind of criminal. I don't want to go detail of what has happened but enough say, I did not plagiarize and did not have any intention to do so, especially for this particular professor as I am aware that she will not tolerate such thing and if I let myself to plagiarize for that 15% assignment it would be very stupid of me and I will not even forgive myself to commit such crime. I respect the lecture and her broad knowledge. What I have submitted is 100% my own piece of writing after a week struggling to complete the assignment. Syukur, everything was well-explained and I was/am lucky to be heard and reconsidered for the second marking. The most important thing for me is to let the lecturer knows that I am not that kind of person to complete my assignment is such hideous way and I am not and will not let myself to plagiarize. If happen you read this, thank you so much to reconsider my work and listen to my explanation prof. To my very supportive friends, pya ,nana ira and ina thank you for give me all the support and be there for me and being very optimist. towards me. And dude, what more can I say, you are the sweetest person on earth and thank you so much for the encouragement. and thank you for believing in me. To you, thank you for reading.


pya said...

happy for u mok..InsyaAllah everything will b fine... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Genial fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.