March 29, 2010


Hari ini Selase, lagi 4 hari keje kat PTPL ni. Aku nak crite ni lepas aku da tak keje kat sini but something trigger this morning so decided to write it now. Sikitla nant sambong lepas dah berhenti. Bila aku anta resign letter 3 months ago, soalan2 yang selalu orang tanya, "Dapat kerja kat mana?" The truth is, aku berhenti bukan sebab dapat offer dr tempat lain, aku berhenti sebab memang aku target 2thn je keje kat sini. I'm building and want to build my future somewhere else. My resignation has nothing to do with PTPL. I made my decision based on personal reason. Ha kan da tules in english semua. marah2. ok poyo.

This one lady in my ffice 'nicely' me, "Is it so bad working in PTPL?" (she spoke in English not that I translate it ye). Itu namenya soalan half court. Tunggu untuk di smash je. If she asked me that last year I will probably say soemthing I wound't wanna say right now. So my answer;

I'm moving because I want to not because I have to. Even PTPL isn't sucks I still want to move. Hear carefully I didn't say PTPL sucks. I said it before, I admit but come to think about it, there's no need to talk something bad about something. Other people feel comfortable working here so let them be, I just don't want to put myself in the place where I want to say it is suck but I don't want to. Ops.

And that lady keep mumbling, "I have worked so many places before, everywhere you go there is taik and wangi, semua ade pressure."

And I said something like this;

True. Undeniable. But it depends on the tahap busuk the taik is and how wangi the whatever thing wangi is. Tempat lain surely ade taik but busuknye lain kot dr sini.

I totally understand what the lady was talking about. What makes me feel uneasy is, she did not respect my decision, plus she added some stupid questions. You can stay here because you have settled down, u got husband, kids, a house. I'm only 26, planning to get married, and still ;iving with my parents. I conclude everything to that lady by saying, "You like to be here you stay, I don't like to be here therefore I go." or in another word, " SHUT UP, PLEASE"

Something I've learned about this, in the future, I will not let myself be an annoying old lady.


pya said...

omg....mok,sye sgt tau ini org..mcm lalat..bising n annoying...biarkn la die mok..she has no better things to do..melainkn.. annoy other ppl by saying things or singing siti songs...kan..

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nik uqbah said...

ahah, i just wonder muka makcik tu macammana lepas kena ayat finishing like that :D

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