February 6, 2010

The before Sunday entry.

Remember I've planned to declutter my room? I did it! not declutter sgt pon.. bersihkan kipas, susun barang2 kasi kemas dan memang sungguh kemas sampai rase tanak kua bilik:)

Thesis progress:

1. E-mail chapter 1 + questionnaires to Dr. Z - DONE
2. Modified questionnaires - DONE
3. Modified Chapter 3 - NOT DONE
4. Overhaul literature review - SO NOT DONE

By nextweek, I shall start with my interview and by the weekend I should collect all the data and start analyzing! Lit review is killing me T_T
Please people wish me luck.

this one? will update soon:)

p/s: can't wait to meet you mr.dude;)


pya said...

mok...takot tgk update thesis ko..aku cuak..cepat la dr ros..approvekn permintaan saye..isk..anyway gud luck mok..

pjOyrawks said...

insyallah dr.ros will approve it! gudluck jgk mok! questionnaire da moderate nk kne tuka lg tu mok..isk