January 14, 2010


maka dgn hari ini genaplah saye 26tahon idop di bumi. ape rase? honestly i feel so much better about the changes of my age. Tibe2 rase btol2 da dewase, mature dan bijaksana. I'm not worried being old, got wrinkles and all bcos I think getting older is kewl! I had sooo much fun with my bestkewlfwens pya n nana this evening. Tq so muchhh ladies for the very sweet treat. (mokira, wish u were here:( I have never been dis happy in clbrating my bday. Couldn't even rmmber when was the last time clbrate it with my friends. Tq dearssss:)

Ina mydear opismate gave this!
(rmind me of my dear dude, slalu bg kinder no matter what occasion isk)

sgt comel:)

pya kawan baek saye

nana was like,"owhh pndai anak mama..."
hembosan kali kedua. mule2 psang lilin xsmpt tiup sbb dgn hembosan napas aku da padam lilin itu.huhuhu
crealy carbonara! i can eat this everyday!!

blk umah nmpak cupcake ni atas meja. Dila kazen aku yg hbt wt cake buatkn utk aku:)
"happy birthday 26 k.apis" (hafizah, hafiz, apis? get it?)
tq so much dla dear!!! suke sgt!

i think it's a beautiful number:)
i do believe it's a beautiful number:)

For today, me being the 26, i have my very own self-resolutions. A letter is written for me,

Dear Norhafizah,

Even you don't really like your name or being called by the name, do remember to always enjoy who you are as no one else is exactly like you. Replace all those criticism with encouragement. Stop niggling on the negatives, accentuate your streanghts. Compliment yourself and those around you. Accept flaws, learn from mistake and never repeat it. Always remember to be responsible for your own feelings. People and events may have an affect on your emotions but don'y let them dictate you. Treat yourself kindly, do something nice for yourself, like shopping. Huhu. Choose the brighter side of things. Make space for the positive interpretations. Love yourself no matter how old she would be, because being older is all about being wiser, better and greater.

14 January 2010


pya said...

mm..sedey plak mok..pasni,kelas master da xde.. sume da kawen..blom tentu dpt jumpe mcm ni lg..anyways..hope things will be better 4 everyone..n we'll be friends till the end.. :-)

pjOyrawks said...

awhh.dun b sad. hmm tp yela kan..kot2 aku da xduk cni lg..dun worry we'll work things out.yes we'll b friends till the end!