January 7, 2010

6days to go.

First week of the last semester-done! Frankly, i am getting so nervous rite now! afraid, frightened, scared, spooked, terrified, petrified u name it, it's all in my list! stepping into this very last semester of my master degree is no fun at all. Three courses, twelve assessments, ONE unstable thesis is right behind me, chasing me, staring at me! SHOUTING at me! huhuhu!!! tkot kn? tkot kn? hmm, come to think of it, i dun think i can make it all done by this april:( but have no choice but just to do it. i need to plan everything! got three planners lastyer but i only used one so having a planner doesnt help much actually. i need to paste those post-it-note everywhere so i won't miss the deadlines! i wish i dun hv to attend work anymore n still earning moolah every month so i can concentrate on my study, go to the library (ok this is so tipu). I'm praying i can go thru all these smoothly, i'm aware i have ibu abah as my 'cheerleaders' and friends (pya,nana and ina,tmpt aku cte keje2 aku yg byk) and of course my dear dude, the one who will never fail to make my day everyday:) love u!

please people pray for me, pray for us, pray for my friends.


**** after 7 hours****

I love today's class! today is our third course - Statistical Analysis for Educational Reserachers. I hate the name of the course but I love the lecturer:) Dr. Parmjit Singh yg super duper kewl! He really makes us feel relax about calculation thingy. Yes we have to calculate, use the scientific calculator and count! (which will be doing nextweek!) and yet we are learning english. Sronok kn?

I'm heading to the 'big' weekend. Dunno how big is gonna b, but dfntly different.

ye peg klas pkai slipe je


Din Khudri said...

Harap semua semua ok

pya said...

ya Tuhan..sye nmpk sgt gemok dgn kain yg kembang hehe