December 4, 2009

My saturday.

Just got back from dcurve. wtpe? nothing actually. ingt nk crk kasot dinner ttbe rase xperlu plak. owh annual dinner ptpl will b next sat. we hate d theme dats all i can say. bought myself dis n dat n i'm ready for d dinner. jln sorang kt dcurve tringt dude. aku jln shopping sorang2 kalu dude tade je, eyh xjgk, sometimes i choose to be alone. best jln sorang2 (ble kte nk jln sorang2, n dazen mean xske jln ngan awk dude:) so xjdi beli ksot i bought dis 4 myself 4 d dinner.

opss! dis is not 4 dinner :D must-have though!

the blue rose

the pwetty butterfly. (lame xbeli cincin2 ni)

and it's perfect for my car:)
(psst, it'll move when i ask him to)

In 2hrs time i'll b going to my colleague's wedding. she's an indian. xpnah peg indian wedding. mest cntek n colorful! will post them later.



Din Khudri said...

bestnya... wardatulazraa'

pya said...

sorry sbb xdpt join mok..aku sgt xsehat lately..on top of that, busy tlg ibubpe bekemas nk ke sbah..hope to meet up nxt tme..

pjOyrawks said...

no prob mok.. tade hal.lame xpusing2 ngan mok tu saje ajak.hehe.. insyallah nextime eyh