December 27, 2009


New year is coming. Less than in a week! So here is a list of...not the new resolutions, nvr had one. A list of the things need to be done once the clock strike 12am on 31st dec2009.

1. find materials/pdf research/journals/texts/books on thesis
2. tules resign letter
3. peg library more often
4. kurangkan men farmville (damn lupe nk harvest nenas!)
5. makeover bilik
6. makeover wardrobe
7. jumpe Dr. Zee supervisor
8. beli stationary baru
9. wat list prezzie2 yg aku nk bday aku nnt
10. makesure aku dpt prezzie tu! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

ok nnt xkp psal new resolutions. terimela...

mereka brenang2 diatas katel ku smbil wt formation begini...

sang sotong pink tanak ketinggalan...
something for my niece qilah the boo kiki lala:)

damn i hate tomorrow.

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syazlysya said...

untuk Qilah?? besh besh...