December 12, 2009

dinner lagi.

Annual Dinner PTPL. ni 2nd yer aku join dinner n of course will be my last year.
tmpt: Royale Chulan, KL.
Time: 8.00-1.00am
Theme: Colors of the world
Theme Department aku: Brazil
Menu: Chinese cuisine
Perasaan: biase je
Comment: frankly,nothing special except ANUAR ZAIN!!

kebrangkatan datin2

do i need to say more? droolinggg



Din Khudri said...

where's the blue rose?

pjOyrawks said...


pya said...

wah...santeknye mok...

Anonymous said...

canyeknye awak..single lg ke?hehe

pjOyrawks said...

@pya: tq.hikhik..
@en.anonymous: neves nk tules cntek? huahahahk.xbrape single..opss