November 8, 2009

I feel so content.

Owh Have I told u I got my new modem? ehehh.. dpt je online aku tros dload soundtracks ni.. tp Ares biol so I asked Dude for help. Dude secare berdedikasinye ngaja aku dload pkai BitComet.tekial2 gk tp akhernye.. aku bjaye dload Alicia Keys' Doesnt mean anything dan disusuli dgn 500DYASOFSUMMER SOUNDTRACKS!!!! Super Duper Wooper Happy:) TQ Dude;) nnt org blanje Krispe Creme donuts!! love u love u! ttbe rase xleh idop plak tanpa teknology. 3weeks aku melopong je ngadap laptop tanpa internet, wpon tade tenet aku bukak gk laptop kot2 la ade miracle dpt connection dr mane2. Tp skang tidak lg! forgive me for being so over excited neh.hee! ttbe rase idop lngkap sgt dpt update fb, dpt dload2 lagu, ym ngan ira sengal, update blog, dgr soundtrack tu tanpa henti..haihhh.. i love my, but I do really2 miss my dude. owh I will start teaching again tomorrow! Brand new semester is beginning. I can't wait to meet my new students, hopefully they are the kind of students who want to learn. I want to implement the OBE thingy, let them dominate the class, let them learn from themselves.. huhu..

Owh, even u haven't watchd the film, to dload the soundtracks is highly recommended though. Listen to all the songs will make u love ur life:)

have a great day 2morow peeps!

but for now I feel so content.


pya said...

happy to know that u r happy..i wish things would be easy on me as well..hurm..

pjOyrawks said...

life won't be happy all the time mok, embrace it as an experience. You'll value it:)

Din Khudri said...

life is a long process... exhibition on the history of hajj at muzium kesenian Islam .. one of the best place to be in MAlaysia. go learn from what others has/had experience. tak sure lagila penggunaan had dengan has. selamat... learn from history or herstory so that we won't make the same mistakes and make the right choices. selamat selamat