October 25, 2009

26 oct

Hidop: Mulakan arini di opis dgn mngupdate blog.da smnggu tade tnet kt umah.sngap gle.mule2, syukor ke hadrat tuhan dgn izinnye aku dpt peg keje lg arini.good sign.meaning i will still have my salary dis month n dpt beli ksot br nextweek.fuhh.. pg ni g keje da xwat bnde yg ari2 aku buat for the past 2months. Dude is no longer here. He's gone 5hours away. Sad? honestly not really. In fact I feel glad rather than sad. He's gone for us, for our future. heh! It is a big change for him I know. I'm glad he make it through so far:) dude, me so proud of u:)

Blaja: This week will be my very final week of the third semester of my master. 3 major assignments to go. br siap 1! can't wait to finish this!

Keje: hmm, lame da ngaja.lame plak cuti sem ni. nextweek mest beli heels br tok ngaja!


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