July 28, 2009

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Ksian dude smnggu dua ni..back n forth penang to KL n finally he got the job. Alhamdulilah. Lastweek tmankan die g intview kt bgsar, aku lpak kt kedai kopi n happen to read The Sun newspaper (20/7). I hate reading, yet I'm an English teacher. Funny bkn? Fine, so I read and there is one coloumn that really got my attention. Saye teruja n tros jotted down whatever written in there. Ke bley amek je ek newspaper tu? isk. So peeps, I like to share these:) enjoy...

New vocabs u shud add in ur dictionary:

1. Cat-astrophe : A cat that brings disaster as in broking a vase, window or spill coffee on you
2. Celebrat : A celebration done for a spoil-brat kids.
3. Ding-erous : Rock music loud enough that could damage ur ears.
4. Escablockheads: people who stand on the left on esclators, blocking people who r in hurry.
5. Escabludgers: people who storm up escalators knocking escablockheads aside. (hehe i loike!)
6. Emergentsy: desperately need to gents' toilet!
7. Floppacino: Cappacino foamy part overflows down the sides. (floppa!)
8. Global Worming: A virus you get to your computer world wide!
9. Hyperpressers: people who think pressing the lift button losta times will make it come more quickly (most of us do dis, dun u??)
10. Impussible: A cat refuse to do what you want it to do.
11. Poorchase: Buying sumthing so expensive it leaves u feeling broke! (owh!)
12. Malligators: dangerous people who hang around in shopping mall!

There you have it! I shud ask my students to write an essay using all these kewl vocabs! hehe!

While feeling poorchase, the escablockheads who had been knocked by the escabludgers was being robbed by the malligators!

Beware of the malligators! (I must like this word the most!)

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