June 28, 2009

not ready for tomorrow. period

I had not so great week. So I'm not ready for tomorrow. Tade pape pon sok. Same old same old. Ngaja 3kelas, g lunch ngan ina, tnggu pkol 5, singgah Giant pastu blk. Aku da maken bosan. Sejak kawn seketawe aku da brenti aku rase ari2 aku cm boring. Org2 kt opis ok, dieorg smue ok. Tp I feel lost sketla. Just imagine, I chose to go shopping ALONE over playing futsal with the opismate! Dlu cm mnggelatat je nk g men futsal, skang cm xbrape slere. I know I am resposible for my own feelings, tp cm ade sumthing yg xcomplete. Ketawe aku skang kt opis pon cm sumbang je. I missd the gud old days. Dude plak jaoh, hmm.

I believe this is just a temporary, I'll be fine. I'll be great!

For not being so ok, I bought myself pjamas, purple top, a nice white glittering baju kurong for knduri cukor jmbol Razique dis coming saturday and two jibbitz for the crocs. Hmm, is not dat bad anyway:)

These can make me happy. hmm, I shud get more!!!

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