May 14, 2009

Random II

My students' favourite / lame excuses to not submitting assignmnets or do presentations

1. "Miss, partner saye cirit birit so saye xleh present."
2. "Miss, poster nk present tu ade kat partner saye, kteorg da siap smue die xdpt dtg plak arini.."
3. "What?? kene present? I thought u just assign a homework!"
4. "Miss, i'm really2 thing that makes me parkinson is presentation!" (parkinson??)
5. "Miss, kteorg nk buat demonstration how to clean a cat, tp kuceng saye tu ade kt kawan saye and kawan saye plak tak leh dtg, ade prob"
6. "Miss, saye nk peg bank kejap, msok kelas lambt." (bdk tu xmsok2 smpai abes sem)

"sorry, I will not entertain your lame excuses, do it now or u can walk away."

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