May 7, 2009

Random I

There's a time where I feel unstable. Totally. Like now, I feel unstable physically, bcause I believe i'm losing few kgs! hehe! other than that dun have to mention in here. It's too daangerous, some people may get killed! erkk! Right now, I'm living in a same old same old kinda life. Nothing special, nothing unexpected, nothing weird and nothing nothing. Owh there's something, finally my ibu and I are sharing the same TV program - The Biggest Loser (702). Since I'm in the battle of losing more weights so watching that kind of program is really inspiring...hmmm..huhu! Ironically, every time we watch that show, we are actually eating! For example, ibu would say, "How they could actually losing weight that much eh... amazing kn.." while eating nasi lemak ayam goreng or nasi ambang (kami bkn jawa) and me will go like, "Dieorg jage makan extreme exercise..boleyhla trn berat.." while munching popia and curik nasi ibu sesudu due... we didn't realize this until a mystery voice suddenly came in, "hah, elokla tgk cite org jadi kuros tp korang asek makan!" and that is my dad. Thanks abah! It was really a wake up call! Slap! Slap!

Feel like writing something but there's actually nothing so i ended up with this.

p/s: To dude, tolong percepatkan keberangkatan kamu ke sini ye!

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