May 28, 2009


Finally I lost 3kgs!
Super happy!
I was 58kg before and now down to 55kg.
These are few things I did for the past 4 weeks to lose those 3 kilos:
1. No more eating kropok lekor, goreng pisang, cucur badak, donut, cek mek molek and all those oily food.
2. No nasi lemak/ ktiaw goreng/ mee goreng for breakfast!
3. No sweet n icy drinks for lunch.
4. Drink more WATER. yes, I am so into mineral water rite now! I'm also bring my own plain water to any kedai makan. (I save money as well!)
5. Never skip my meal. Especially bfast and lunch.
6. No heavy meals after 7pm. I have my dinner at 6-7pm
7. No red meat.
8. No "I'm full" phrase after every meal.
9. Aerobic for 35minutes on the weekend (or at least once a week. I should do thrice a week, still working on it)
10. Eat whatever I feel like eating (except for oily food) but be aware of the intake.

Wah, I only lost 3kg and now talking like an expert. hihi. But it works! My jeans is now 1 size smaller regardless of the cutting or whatsoever and I can put on the skinny! YAY! I was inspired by watching The Biggest Loser recently. Not that I am overweight but being conscious now is what important. The aim is not to be skinny but to be healthy. It's not really what you eat but how much do you eat. Ok, now I feel like writing in a health magazine. Haha!

But today I am fasting. Well good, but during buke puase time I was in a great dilemma of what to eat. Obviously Ibu masak! and that means I HAVE TO EAT! ayam masak halia ok? isk, and now I am full. Ala... just for today :Dobviously not me

I'm looking forward to lose another 2-3kgs. Wish me luck!

2morow we r having potluck. more food? isk! oh and 2morow i'll see my dude..again! WEEE!!


et said...

wow! congrats!!
sgt best kan kalau exercise n eat healthy..keep it up pjoy n u will get there! hoyeeahhhh!!

|| itu saya || said...

nak join!!! waaaa... vertically challenge does affect the confident level. cis