April 5, 2009

Shall we call it a day?

Last Friday was the finale of our Literature in ESL class for this semester. After few presentations we had this makan2. The food was soooo superlicious! We (pya+nana+me) felt like crying because of the awesomeness of the food. hikhik! Lasagna, creampuff, choc ball... droolinggg :p~

Supposedly the class should ended dis week but we had to end it earlier due to Dr. Shireena's operation. She will undergo an operation on her stomach and it's going to be a major sugery. She's one of the superkewl lec ever had, me ever had. She makes the class feel so comfortable as we keep forgetting that we are actually in a classroom. She's funny and a very interesting woman. She always captivates us with her experiences, life story and she is indeed opened up to some of us the fun side of learning literature:)

1 piece lasagna = 50 push ups
the whole lasagna = lifetime push ups! T_T

scream for the lasagna.hihi

To our beloved Dr. Shireena, goodluck for ur surgery. We pray for u everyday. Thanks for all the fridays u've spent with us, thanks for all the priceless knowledge.

You rock!

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